April 7, 2010

Kerala, Kannur, Criminals digging graves in night, for ?

Recent malayalam dailies telling a story that a criminal gang in Kannur is periodically digging graves. But for what? Nobody knows. Do Kerala have something like cannibals in Andaman Islands in her Kannur District?

A criminal gang.......... digging graves in night!!! For ???

First, a poor autoriksha driver named Sooraj who desided to join RSS from a leftist party ( which people in Kerala locally call by name CPM which is supposed to be an abbreviation of Communist Party of India (Marxist) ) was brutally murdered. A gang of criminals called his autorikshaw for a ride and attacked him. Newspapers reported that 9 people including a CPM local secretary were in suspected list in this case. Seriously wounded Sooraj after getting releived from Kozhikode medical college, left to Bangalore for a short time. But immediately after he came back he was attacked again and this time there had no escape.

But the misterious events started happening after that, his grave was periodically raided by local goons. The real intention behind these raids are yet not known. And none is arrested yet.

Two days before Malayalam dailies reported that some people has planted explosives in Sooraj's grave to save it from criminals. This was again found some CPM workers and immediately notified to police. Police removed the explosives and the very next day, his grave is again raided by criminals.

To people in Kerala, this is not a news.... I will say Pathetic... This happens only in Kerala.... Ironically, people in this state boasts the state have 100% literacy.

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